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Saw, whether you are referring to the popular movie franchise SAW, or just the regular hardware tool, we are sure that you must be well familiar with the concept. Jokes aside, it is true that for a long time, chainsaws was considered the only suitable for some heavyweight work, i.e., sawing through dense wood such as tree trunks. However, in the recent past, a tamer version of the chainsaw has surfaced.

The manual pole saw is delighting hardware and DIY enthusiasts alike with its user-friendly model and efficient working mechanism. If you are looking to replace your chainsaw or thinking of getting a new one altogether, then we suggest you look into manual pole saws. Keep reading as we take you through our complete guide on pole saws and the best models available on the market.


Why Do We Care?

Well, this is because we here at ManualPoleSaw.com are dedicated to bringing you some top-notch pole saws with the highest quality market ratings and customer reviews. As evident by the name, a pole saw contains a saw at one end of its pole. Now, this pole can be extended to a height of 10 or even 20 feet depending on the model that you chose. Therefore, you can browse through all our top recommendations to decide on a model that suits your exact user needs and specifications.  


Usage of Pole Saws

Now the truth is that we could simply go on and on about pole saws, but we’ll let its various features speak for themselves. Firstly, the pole saw is handier for sawing objects that may be out of reach with a regular handsaw or chainsaw. This consists of the branches that are higher up in a tree and allows for more accuracy so that you do not end up sawing a bigger chunk than you had intended.

Other than that, it is both lighter in weight and quieter than a mechanical chainsaw and manual chainsaw.  Maintenance of manual pole saws also becomes a whole lot easier because it doesn’t have a chain or motor mechanism that needs to oil or repaired consistently. It is the ideal type of tool that can sit in your garage for months on end and stay in mint condition until its next use.


Different Variations of Pole Saws

There are three main types of pole saws, namely Manual, Gas-Powered, and Electric. As is evident by the name, gas-powered saws contain an engine that runs on gas. It is easy and efficient to use and is a favorite for professional work. Electric pole saws can be either corded or cordless and offer a lot of mobility as well. They are pretty similar in performance to gas-powered saws with controls such as blade speed, and extension of the pole itself. Now, last but not least, manual pole saws are great for use by beginners and amateur for purposes of landscaping or tending to their lawns, etc.



Regardless of whether you opt for a gas-powered pole saw or an electric saw, it is sure to bring out the best results in landscaping and lawn-grooming activities. Best of luck!